This year I have attended numerous gigs, festivals and events, but these top 5 stood out by a mile and are events, which I would more than recommend my readers to attend in 2019!

5.The Wombats returned this year with their long-awaited album ‘Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life’. They toured academy’s across the UK including Manchester Academy, which I attended in March. The scouse band churned out hit after hit, including classics such as ‘Moving To New York’, ‘Let’s Dance to Joy Division’ and ‘Greek Tragedy’. The band’s performance was of high standard, but they seemed used to the audience reaction, therefore didn’t come across as enjoying it themselves much. Other aspects of the show made up for this, including giant inflatable balls and a dancing Wombat making a feature on stage.

4.G-Eazy was once my guilty pleasure, I have loved his music since ‘Me, Myself and I’ ft Bebe Rexha made the charts in 2015. However, after seeing him at Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse, I am no longer hiding my appreciation for his music. G Eazy (Gerald) seemed to enjoy every song he performed, which the crowd reflected straight back at him. Gerald ended the show with the fan favourite ‘No Limit’ to which every single person sang along to his, A$ap Rocky and Cardi B’s lyrics. G Eazy thanked the crowd and vowed to return, which I suggest fans to attend when he does.

3.Paramore was the first gig I attended this year. Their latest album ‘After Laughter’ was my favourite release of 2017 and Hayley, Josh and Zac performed every song from the album perfectly. The new era caused split reaction with the fans, but I’ve never seen the band enjoy themselves so much on stage. Old hits such as Still into YouCaught Myself and Misery Business still made an appearance. This was before the band announced that they would no longer perform Misery Business, due to the recent controversy over the lyrics that Hayley wrote at just 16. I loved every second of the performance and would love to see them again perhaps in a more intimate show, smaller than large arena, which they performed at on this tour. 

2.Bring Me The Horizon was the last gig I attended of the year and the one I was most looking forward too. The Sheffield band did not let me down, as lead singer Oli’s vocals sounded better than ever before. The set ranged from their two new singles ‘Mantra’ and ‘Wonderful Life’, a medley of songs from their heavier albums ‘Count Your Blessings’ and ‘Suicide Season’ and even an acoustic version of hit single ‘Drown’. The energy that the 5-piece put into their Alexandria Palace show was incredible and I am thoroughly looking forward to their latest album ‘Amo’, which is set to be released on the 25th January. 

1.Benicassim is a festival just a few hours away from Barcelona. I went in July of this year and it was an amazing festival in every aspect, which I would highly recommend. The site wasn’t over packed, the music acts such as Travis Scott, Catfish and The Bottlemen and Liam Gallagher performed amazing sets, with only a few acts letting the overall line up down. The Kooks and Wolf Alice didn’t perform to expectations, the open stage in the sunshine just wasn’t the right place for them. But, Benicassim was still the music highlight of the year, spending the day on the beach and returning to the site each night to dance on the notorious South Beach or watch world famous acts perform until 3am. Next year’s line up already looks amazing with first headliner Lana Del Rey, The 1975 and Blossoms 

The return of YouTube disstracks and tempo changes…

Songs having a style change halfway through isn’t a new thing, however Travis Scott’s ‘Sicko Mode’ from his album Astroworld, has brought it into the pop genre and YouTube stars are jumping on the latest music trend.

Dramtatic style changes mid way through songs seems to have worked well within the rock genre with artists such as Queen, Paul Mcartney and Pink Floyd making huge hits out of the strange style. Recent artists such as Franz Ferdinand with ‘Take Me Out’ and Twenty Øne Piløts with ‘Ode to Sleep’ have also made a success out of style changes, however Sicko Mode seems to have taken the style to a whole new platform.

The YouTube disstracks are back (yes, I thought we left them in 2017 too) and every song released by the likes of Randolph, Deji and KSI switches the style of the song in the middle. Even YouTuber Miniminter has noticed it, as in his reaction video he says ‘Why’s everyone switching up the beat, I like it, but why?!’ I couldn’t agree more, when Randolph released his 3 minute long disstrack and changed the style completely mid way through, it was surprising and something the audience hadn’t seen in any of the disstracks last year. All of the tracks seem to transition well and stop the audience being bored of yet another disstrack. Now though, at least 4 have been made the audience now expects it, so they need to come up with something new to keep the audience interested if they’re going to keep making the tracks (Tbh I’d rather the disstracks than the boxing).

As for tempo changes in songs in the charts, I think we will be seeing a lot more of them in 2019. ‘Sicko Mode’ isn’t the only song on Travis Scott’s Astroworld that changes pace, songs such as ‘Stargazing’ will definitely make a feature on the charts, if they are released. Other artists (not just on YouTube) have probably also caught on the success of ‘Sicko Mode’ and might try the trend.


MNEK is a Grammy nominated writer, producer and singer. He has had multiple chart successes, such as the top ten hits, Ready For Your Love, Never Forget You and Blinded By Your Grace Pt 2. I was lucky enough to catch his song writing masterclass, hosted by BBC radio presenter Natalie- Eve Williams and find out how he became the go to songwriter for the likes of Beyoncé.

It started at the age of 14, during the era of Myspace, which MNEK (whose real name is Uzoechi Osisioma Emenike) recalls using to spam every single one of his favourite artists with his demos. If you’re wondering how a 14 year old makes demos, him and his brother created a DIY recording studio in their garage, which included a microphone and his mum’s tights as recording apparatus.  But Uzoechi believes young budding songwriters need to get into the industry and surround themselves with other people who are also career driven, as he remembers being the only person in school who knew what they wanted to do as a job. But by all means make a studio using your mum’s tights if you feel like it.

The triple threat hasn’t always been writing meaningful lyrics for global artists such as Beyoncé, Madonna and Christina Aguilera. His first song was about Pen and Paper, because he claims he hadn’t experienced enough in life to talk about. Since then he has talked about his sexuality referenced in the song Colour ft Hailee Steinfield, referred to by Billboard as a ‘LGBTQ modern anthem’. He has also written about his success in the industry, which includes winning an ASCAP Vanguard Award for his contribution to song writing. This is shown in his debut album Language, which was released last month, with the song Correct, in which he says ‘I was making fame before Year 7 begun, I was getting paid before I was getting drunk.’

I asked MNEK whether he preferred writing for other artists or making hits out of his creations by singing on them himself, he responded saying ‘I just see myself as a person that makes music, I enjoy both, I enjoy song writing whether it’s telling my own story or helping someone else tell theirs.’  He laughed as talking about this triggered a memory of the time he produced and co-wrote song Never Forget You for Zara Larsson and then decided he wanted to sing a verse on the track causing a dispute between himself and Zara’s management. It proved a good move to make, as the song peaked at number 5 on the Official Charts.

Expect to continue seeing MNEK’s name on the charts and awards shortlists, perhaps with songs from genres he isn’t usually featured in. As he would love to strip back and record a Bond theme esque song with no tempo, just a piano and his vocals. Who knows, he could be following in the footsteps of fellow British artist Sam Smith and performing the next James Bond theme song.

Georgia Fearn – L’Amour Review!

Summer has only just ended, but not to fear as Georgia Fearn’s latest single L’Amour will make your French holiday vibes last throughout the frosty seasons.

Georgia is a 17 year old singer/songwriter from Wales, she has 1,239 monthly listeners on Spotify. Her latest release L’Amour from debut her album Perfect on Paper, which was released March of this year, has an astonishing 20,667 listens already.

It’s no wonder as the infectious French influenced opening track L’Amour has you intrigued within the first 10 seconds.

The accordion is something which is rarely heard in the popular music genre, however Georgia seems to make it work, as the mysterious opening of the instrument and introduction to Georgia’s voice lures you in. She gracefully  speaks ‘You told me you were leaving, because I smoked too many cigarettes, I broke the bad habit and I drove straight you your address,  I saw you pressing your lips to someone new, my walk home was lonely I didn’t know what to do  it’s time to break another bad habit, you.’ This poetic line makes the song instantly relatable for teens who have been through heartbreak.

The engaging bittersweet relationship theme runs throughout the song, shown especially in the chorus, to which she says ‘I’m high on love’, which suggests she feels like love is a drug.

Georgia lyricist talent shines through in this song with lyrics such as ‘‘he made hell feel like home and he’s breaking my heart.’ Her vocals equally as impressive, as the passion and hurt behind the lyrics can be heard through her vocals. Particularly in the chorus line ‘I’m high, so L’amour’. This sounds sarcastic, like she has had enough with this feeling, but she can’t escape as love is an addictive drug which she is high from.

She touches on other teenage themes, such as being stuck in a close minded society with the lyrics ‘don’t touch my soul with your dirty hands’ it’s a small town with small minded people and plans.’

Overall the 17 year old’s latest release is a real showcase of her talents and stands out within the alternative/indie genre. The positive French-style sound mixed with the sad lyrics and Georgia’s quirky heartfelt vocals are something that the genre was missing, not anymore.

If you want to join her 1,239 monthly listeners, check out L’amour and the rest of her debut album on Spotify now!


Mötley Crüe Drummer, Tommy Lee, beaten up by his own son.

Tommy Lee, the infamous drummer from 80s rock band Mötley Crüe, has shared a shocking picture tonight on Instagram of his bust up lip. But, it’s not from a old fashioned rock n’ roll bar brawl, in which you would expect, the attacker was his son.

Lee wrote a caption underneath the image stating ‘My heart is broken. You can give your kids everything they could ever want in their entire lives and they can still turn against you. Good job Brandon! Great son. ‘ Brandon is the oldest of his two children with former wife, Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson. Both Brandon and Pamela have yet to respond to the post.

Tommy’s recently announced Fiancé, comedian Brittany Furlan, is the only family member to respond with the simple emojis ‘💔😞’.

The full story is still unknown, but being as popular as the Lee/Anderson family are, we are sure to find out soon.

Don Broco at Manchester Academy!! Friday 16th February 2018.

Don Broco are a four piece alternative rock band from Bedford, although if you attended their gig at Manchester Academy on Friday night, you would think that they were a pop artist as the crowd was full of your typical ‘lads’ that are usually found at events, such as ParkLife and Leeds Fest.

The quartet, consists of lead singer Rob Damiani, guitarist Simon Delaney, Luke Rayner and Matt Donnelly on drums and vocals. The four Bedford boys had the crowd in the palm of their hands from the second they walked on stage to the eery postmodern song ‘Pretty’, as they had began a circle pit by the second verse.

The lighting was mesmerising, using similar colours to The 1975 on their previous tour and detailed set up, which you would expect from a band playing a larger venue, such as Manchester Apollo or Manchester Arena.

Don Broco played a set combining songs from all of their albums even including the title track from their ‘thug workout’ EP, in which the crowd somehow managed to find enough space to perform press-ups, copying the band’s actions in the music video. The four-piece sang multiple tracks off their previous album, Automatic, such as summer radio rock anthems ‘You wanna Know’ and the song that they are probably most known for ‘Money, Power Fame’. Although, that wasn’t evident as the crowd gave the same incredible response to every song, by chanting to not only every word, but the tune of the guitar aswell.

The Bedford band also performed multiple songs from their latest album ‘Technology’, only released on February the second, which mixes catchy pop lyrics with heavy backing instruments churning out sounds similar to Enter Shikari’s earlier sound. They performed a live debut of ‘Greatness’ because in Rob’s words ‘Manchester is great’. They ended the set with the end of show anthem ‘T-Shirt Song’ in which the crowd followed the the lyric ‘I take my t shirt off, swing it around my head’, ending the show on a high.

Overall, Don Broco put on an arena standard performance, perhaps forshadowing their future, as their fan base is expanding by the second with the band getting regular plays on ‘MTV rocks’ and ‘Kerrang!’ their future is certainly looking ‘Pretty’.

Turn it up tracks:

Stay Ignorant
You Wanna Know
T-Shirt Song

Highly Suspect Live review!

Highly Suspect are the three time Grammy-nominated alternative rock band from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The three piece consists of Johnny Stevens on vocals and lead guitar, Ryan Meyer on Drums and Rich Meyer on bass, all of whom returned to the UK this week for a headlining tour of their second album ‘The Boy Who Died Wolf’.

The alt rock genre band performed at Manchester Academy 2 on the 6th of February, with a DJ on stage getting the crowd excited for the show, like a ringmaster introducing a circus. The three piece began with popular track ‘Bath Salts’ from their previous album ‘Mister Asylum’ in which the crowd sang along with every word. The band’s performance throughout was electrifying, which reflected on the crowd as they created three story piggy-backs and jumped around without a care in the world ,as lead singer Johnny requested.

However, the atmosphere sparked further during the Grammy-nominated track ‘Lydia’ which formed a mosh pit covering the majority of the crowd. As the crowd got ready to mosh to the heavier part of the song, the band teased them by pausing and thanking the staff at academy, including the security guards. This was a polite act which is usually dismissed by musicians, especially rock bands. The band then resumed the song allowing the crowd to electrify once again.

The set list included a personal song from bassist Rich Meyer and Drum solo from Ryan Meyer, which showed that the band’s talents are showcased equally. The crew which talents are usually kept behind the scenes, were also showcased on stage as they swapped instruments with the main band members a number of times, allowing Johnny, Ryan and Rich to interact with the audience.

The band’s encore consisted of the US chart topping hit ‘Little One’, emotionally raw ‘Serotonia’, ‘My Name is Human’ in which the bass shook the venue like an earthquake. They ended the set with the slower grunge jam ‘Wolf’, including a thrilling guitar solo from Johnny, whilst his fellow band member’s crowd surfed before saying their goodbyes and leaving the stage.

It’s hard to place Highly Suspect in a specific genre as each of their songs contains a new form of energy and sound, but one thing they all have in common is that they are completely raw and reveal the band’s feelings towards themes, such as politics and relationships. This show specifically began with low key moody blue lighting and Johnny with his face hidden by a bandanna, however like they have done on their albums, they revealed themselves more and more throughout the set, transitioning to pink high key lighting, Johnny showing his face and the rest of the band ending the show within the audience.  The band provided a post-modern performance, with guitar riffs similar to hard rock band’s ‘Queens Of The Stone Age’, immaculate drum sequences that can be compared to likes of Royal Blood’s and 90’s grunge vocals near to Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder’s. Overall, the band’s performance was outstanding, with the audience’s atmosphere matching creating a steal of a show at only £15.

Songs to listen to at full volume:

My Name Is Human
Little One

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